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What is the role of the authtication and authorization?

Securing sensitive data to stop the unauthorized access of the application is the biggest need of today’s cyber crime era. This is done via authentication and authorization. Authentication is related to determine the validity of users. Authorization is related to the provide the access the resources to the user.

Some security authentication models are very simple and easy from the others and they provide different access of the application areas to the user. Application developers can create the different access control paradigms for the users.

ColdFusion application can be integrated with other third party applications for the extreme security functionality. Today many applications provide the role based functionality, in which number of users are grouped to a specific area of application to perform their tasks.

Databases are the storage holders of the information and many database facility providers like - Oracle, SQL etc, which provide the role based group functionality. To set the permissions in the relational database management system, many role based user IDs are created and added.

When the users and administrators access the publishing area of the application, they are provided with their own SSL certificates. After entering of the user’s appropriate ID it is matched into the database, they are authorized within the application publishing area.

Hope you have liked this post ! Thanks for reading it !

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Hope you have liked this post ! Thanks for reading it !

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